Adventure Activities

Adventure Club

Navkshitij Adventure Club, exclusively for MCF, is a bright feather in our cap. Beginning with a four-day Pune-Lonavala walkathon in November 2003, our adventure activities have been a roaring success. These include treks to the forts and hills in and around Pune, Parvati Hill climbing contest, and Jal Dindi  (boat travel from Alandi to Pandharpur, spreading the message of keeping the rivers clean through street plays to the villagers in the hamlets that dot the route) and parasailing, zorbing, river crossing, rappelling, paragliding  in the Himalayan region.


High Altitude Trekking in the Himalayan region:  Every May, our MCF scale the lofty Himalayas, climbing to a height of 10,000 to 12,000 feet, as part of high altitude trekking. Our MCF have done it unfailingly every year, since we first began in May 2006. This activity is open to all the children in schools for the MCF, above 12 years of age.  MCF from schools in Mumbai and Nashik join us on our annual high altitude trek in the Himalayan region.


Parvati Hill Climbing Contest  is an event open to all schools for MCF. Sixteen schools participated the first time the event was held in February 2009.


Jal Dindi  is a journey from Alandi to Pandharpur, through waterway. Our MCF perform street plays on environmental issues such as how to care of the rivers, noise pollution and plastic pollution, in the schools, colleges and to an audience of local villagers, in the villages and hamlets along the way.


Trekking  to the forts in and around Pune is an integral part of our routine. Many friends and volunteers, especially from IT companies, join us on our treks, adding zest and spirit and motivating our special friends.  Our favourite haunts are Shivneri, Taljai, Mahabaleshwar, Neelkanteshwar and Raigad.


Traffic Discipline Drive is a monthly event. Our MCF stand with placards at important junctions in the city, educating the public on the need to follow traffic rules and road discipline. We are so lucky to see the humane part of the stress-filled police personnel. Our MCFs love the police and feel so privileged sharing a cup of tea and snacks with them.  The police love interacting with our special friends.